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Rightsbridge is your one stop shop for expert support and advice on all things music copyright.

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About Us

Rightsbridge is a one stop shop for administrative support and advice on all things music copyright. We help a range of music makers and industry practitioners such as composers, songwriters, media-writers, publishers, labels and managers better understand, manage, monitor and monetise their own and their clients music based copyrights.

This support is provided via the Rightsbridge online dashboard were clients can submit registrations, view their catalogue, collect their earnings and access a series of data analytics tools to gain better insight into how their music is exploited.

Rightsbridge staff are available to answer any questions and offer assistance to our clients specific to your project needs.


Check out the great services we offer

Expert Customer Support

We are here to assist you with any of your questions regarding your copyrights, recordings, composition and song registrations and collections.

Data Analytics Tools

Our custom built analytics tools will help your better understand how your music copyrights are being used and are generating income.

27/7 Access to Royalties, Reports and Data

Your catalogue, balance and royalties data can be accessed at any time through the Rightsbridge Online Dashboard.

Easy Management of Multiple Catalogues

If you are responsible for managing the catalogues of multiple individuals, be it a band, a management roster, a label roster or a publishing company, we can help you monitor and control your catalogue from one place.

Copyright Asset Registrations and Metadata Management

We can help you organise the metadata relating to you songs, compositions, recordings or music based products and will register those assets with the relevant copyright collection societies on your behalf.

Pricing Us

The Rightsbridge service and dashboard is designed to be flexible and help a range of music makers, such as solo individuals, groups of creators or a larger companies, better manage their music based copyrights from one source. The service is priced over four tiers; individual account, duo account, group account and company account.


£50.00 per year

Representing 1 Person
Solo Music Makers


£75.00 per year

Representing 2 People
Two Person Team.


£150.00 per year

Representing 3 - 6 People
Bands & Ensembles


£500.00 per year

Representing 7 + People
Managers, Publishers & Companies

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You may need help managing your copyrights, we may have come recommended by a friend or maybe you are just interested in who we are and the work we are doing?

Regardless of the reason, give us a call or send us an email and we look forward to speaking with you.

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